Frank's Cleaning Service is locally owned and operated, whose team has years of experience in residential and commercial cleaning. We are licensed, insured and bonded to protect you and your home/business.

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Cleaning Services

Our company offers many different services

Move in/out

  • Kitchen: Clean cabinets/drawers inside/out, refrigerator inside/out, microwave inside/out, oven inside/out, stove top hood, counter tops, sink/faucets and vacuum/mop floors. 
  • Bathrooms: Clean medicine cabinet in/out, shower/tub, bathroom vents, toilet, windows and tracks, walls (switches, outlets and baseboards), counter tops, sink/faucets, closet(if applicable) and vacuum/mop floors
  • Bedrooms: Clean light fixtures, ceiling fans, windows and tracks, wipe walls(spot clean), AC unit/filter, switches/outlets, baseboards and vacuum/mop floors. 
  • Common areas: Clean windows/screens inside out, wipe walls(spot clean), AC unit/filter, switches/outlets, light fixtures/ceiling fans, wipe down washer/dryer(outside), baseboards and vacuum/mop floors
  • Lanai/patios:  sweep floors and wipe down of railing(if applicable). Plus sweeping of garage(if applicable)
  • Carpet Cleaning:  Call or email for details and pricing. 

Maid / Housekeeping

Kitchen:  clean/maintain cabinets (outside),  all appliances outside, light fixtures, counter tops/sinks, refrigerator outside, walls(switches, outlets, baseboards and window sill), floors, etc.

Bathrooms:  clean/maintain medicine cabinet in/out, shower/tub, shower doors in/out, stool/toilet,  walls(switches, outlets and baseboards), counter tops and sink, floors, etc.

Bedrooms:  dusting/maintain light fixtures, ceiling fans,  walls (switches, outlets and baseboards), dusting blinds(if applicable) and vacum/mop floors.

Common areas: dusting/maintain walls (switches/ outlets), lightfixtures, blinds(if appilcable), vacuum/mop floors. 

Post Construction Clean up

  • Cleaning of property after construction or remodeling. Call or email us the details of job that needs our help.

Handyman Services

  •  Call Text or email for free estimate.

Pressure Washing

  • Residential/Commercial:  building/homes, windows, patios\lanai, driveways, sidewalks, walls and etc. Call or email for free estimate.

Windows Cleaning

  • Residential/Commercial: windows In/out, screens cleaning and tracks/sills.  Call or email for free estimate.

Words From Our Customers

They are quick n efficient. They was polite n listened to all I wanted done. They got it done fast. They greeted my dogs n was real friendly. I appreciate that. I recommend them to anyone that needs a great cleaning.

J.D. - Home owner